My Personal Art History

This year I want to start writing one blog post a month. That means there will be 12 posts in 2019 starting in January.

I hope you´ll enjoy this first of twelve blog entries and stick around to see the rest of them.


As the last year just ended and a new one has begun, I felt the urge of looking at the development of my work over the last three years. I tend to be quite a perfectionist, which can get me into some awkward situations. Nevertheless, I have made what feels like a huge step towards being more artistic, meaning exploring any artsy idea even if it is wild as well as loosening up quite a bit during the last year. Before that I was focussing on being as photorealistic as possible, not that anything is wrong with that, it just didn´t feel right for me.

It was good for getting to know my materials, but it only served me that far. 
I soon felt stuck, like I always do when I stay too long at one point. I guess that´s also the reason why I don´t just fixate on one medium, it´s just not my type.


I love exploring possibilities.


So I started out with acrylics, graphite and charcoal, winning the Hahnemühle art contest in 2016 got me into watercolours and soon after that I started delving into oil colours, which got me into the amazing Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition (WAY) in 2017. Feeling the ball start to roll was lovely, but I had to interrupt this development by going to university in England. As I said I loved exploring possibilities including my interests (and there´s a lot of those) which means my brain is often all over many places at the same time and I must admit I do not always know which possibility to pursue at the moment. So I went to uni, but I soon realized it wasn´t for me, I missed my art.


Starting in acrylics (my first ever acrylic big cat painting 2012), experimenting with graphite (leopard cub, 2016) and charcoal (Owl, 2016)


Before you ask yourself: No, the possibility of dividing my time between university and my art was an exception to my general curiosity. When I do something, I do it whole-heartedly.


Last year I promised myself I would kick-start my art and pursue it as well as in any way possible; and I did achieve some milestones indeed. Being a second-time finalist of the WAY as well as being announced a finalist at the esteemed ARC Salon contest most certainly go into my personal hall of fame, but the highlight of 2018 definitely was becoming a member of the Artists for Conservation (AFC) group.


Mall Galleries 2018, “White on White”


During all those events, I kept developing my work, or rather my work developed itself. I created four life-sized artworks (Snow leopard, jaguar, male lion and a tiger) as well as some „smoky wildlife“ paintings. Most of the latter are buried under new layers of paint though…but I kept my favourites: the elephant and the snow leopard, which still are available for sale.

(Yes, I often paint over my old artwork, it´s my way of turning something I see more potential in into something new)



Summer 2018

There were a lot of things going on during the summer, so I followed the impulse to simplify, which resulted in black and white paintings of my favourite subjects: big cats. Towards the rather grey winter I needed some colour again and that´s where I am right now, painting medium-sized artwork of stunning wildlife, and I am very keen on where the journey takes me this year!

Meanwhile, you are a big part of what keeps me going and I want to thank all of you who sent me wonderful comments and likes and bought my art. I am incredibly grateful for your support!

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