African Breeze

Africa´s breezes hold a special magic for me and as I went deep into the memories of my time in Africa I felt the urge to let the paints and water flow and interact with the soft white of the paper as if air itself was painting. A new collection was born: a very light and often low in contrast yet lively interpretation that feels free and has a lot of space to it.

The colours used are fairly bright and often kept in the yellow and oranges with a few exceptions, where I considered blues and purples to be a better fit (e.g. The Martial eagle), because I wanted to bring forth another aspect of the air.

Layering the vivid and transparent colours made me feel light and alive, like the element I was working around. 

While "bright, warm and lively" were my main keywords for this series and I really loved playing around with the edges of each subject to connect them to the space of the paper as well.