Cooling Undergrowth

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No 6. Cooling undergrowth

Have you ever be actively aware of the refreshing cooling of air when you get close to a riverbed or step into the shade of large trees?

"Cooling undergrowth" aims to convey just that, which is why I kept the colour range closer to the cool side changing it up with some slightly warmer oranges. The leopard melts into her environment and looks up as if evaluating a tree for good thick branches to rest on. 



  • FRAMED (framing is arranged after the purchase - NOT the mockup frame)
  • 25 x 19cm
  • watercolour on rough paper

  • Shipping will take 7-14 days on a Tuesday (framing will take place after the purchase)  
  • Shipping costs are included

The painting will be shipped in a recycled box to minimize waste products.