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No 3. Towering


This pieces aims to show the lightness in something undoubtely heavy yet somehow elegant. I most often got to see those amazing creatures in the bright mid-day heat and we were wondering if they would catch a much needed breeze up their...


"Towering" is a small watercolour painting aiming to be as light and bright as possible. The two giraffes in it are standing in bright sunlight looking to one side as if the air had taken a scent of interest to them. 



  • FRAMED (framing is arranged after the purchase - NOT the mockup frame)
  • 20 x 20cm 
  • watercolour on rough paper

  • Shipping will take 7-14 days on a Tuesday (framing will take place after the purchase)  
  • Shipping costs are included

The painting will be shipped in a recycled box to minimize waste products.