Marsh Air

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No 10. Marsh Air

With this piece I wanted to draw a connection between air and water. Marshland in the bright warm daylight seemed the perfect idea. 

"Marsh Air" shows three Grey-crowned cranes wading through the water. Playing with blues and browns gave me a basis for the illusion of water and air and contrasting it with the rich red around the Cranes´ faces brings the attention back to the main subjects as they walk across the painting. 


  • FRAMED (framing is arranged after the purchase - NOT the mockup frame)
  • 23 x 18cm
  • watercolour on rough paper

  • Shipping will take 7-14 days on a Tuesday (framing will take place after the purchase)  
  • Shipping costs are included

The painting will be shipped in a recycled box to minimize waste products.