Sunset Elegance

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No 2. Sunset Elegance

I absolute love big cats, that shouldn´t be a surprise by now. ^^ What I´d really love is seeing a leopard bathing in the sunset light. 

Up until now I´ve been lucky enough to see a mother and her three month old cub on a morning drive, so I definitely cannot complain. :D


"Sunset Elegance" is a small watercolour painting again kept in the warm golden tones flowing into each other. The gorgeous leopard in the painting is standing in the tall grass looking into the light. 



  • FRAMED (framing is arranged after the purchase - NOT the mockup frame)
  • 20 x 20cm 
  • watercolour on rough paper

  • Shipping will take 7-14 days on a Tuesday (framing will take place after the purchase)  
  • Shipping costs are included

The painting will be shipped in a recycled box to minimize waste products.