An African Breeze

The light touch of the African Breeze

Africa´s breezes hold a special magic for me and as I went deep into the memories of my time in Africa I felt the urge to let the paints and water flow and interact with the soft white of the paper as if air itself was painting. A new collection was born: a very light and often low in contrast yet lively interpretation that feels free and has a lot of space to it.

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African Breeze


Sketch for Wildlife

A truly excellent picture and lovely communication. Thank you so much Carina! I love him!

Jo Cooper, UK ("Strolling")

I love African wildlife and as a photographer, I appreciate the realism you have captured. You have my respect and admiration for that.

Bob Webzell, UK, ("Bright")

Both are perfect. Especially the snow owl print caused a sensation.

The frame is beautiful and goes well with the owl. All of it fits together perfectly.

Thanks for your efforts!

Susanne Fingerhut, Germany ("Evolution" + "White on White" Print)

It hits the heart straight! You are giving life to paper and at the same time educating, how beautiful nature is.

Sandeep Thimmaiah, India

Absolutely stunning. Great work and even more beautiful than I thought. Thank you and bless you with all talent! Patty

Patricia Kosters, US, ("Little Ones")


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